Learning French

Learn French Avec Moi students say...

Martine is a delight, very French, extremely knowledgeable and the course content is very well presented and structured. Martine’s “Learn French Avec Moi” is conducted in a comfortable, friendly yet very engaging manner; really enjoyed the experience.
John, Bunbury, Travellers’ classes

There was a very logical sequence to the learning steps. I liked to learn how the language and its grammar work. There were a lot of chances to learn useful words and phrases.  F. Eaton, Beginners’ classes

The way Martine explained things clearly and patiently. I have nothing negative to say about this course; it was fun.
Karena, Bunbury, Beginners classes

The interaction between everyone. The way the class was only semi-structured to give us the time to adjust to the needs of the evening.  Leslie, Bunbury, Conversation classes

The mode of teaching, preparation & humour of the tutor. I found the recap of grammar and the practice of speaking very valuable, with maybe too much homework…  Jennifer, Conversation classes

Plenty of speaking and listening practices; enthusiastic and helpful teacher. I enjoyed the opportunity to learn and apply French language skills with Martine. Fantastic course preparation & delivery.  Murray, Bunbury, Beginners’ classes

All the delightful pronunciations. There have been many things that I wanted to have confirmation of, I have never actually heard a teacher explain these things. I have only read the rules and heard the spoken, but this has been wonderful having Martine break everything into small components. It has been more than expected and everything is good.  G., Dardanup

It was not stressful, but the pace was still full on and well maintained. Relaxed but professional; the size of the class meant there could be more individual feedback presented in a non-threatening environment.  Ann, Leschenault, Travellers’ classes

Martine has been a very patient and knowledgeable teacher, providing much encouragement to slow learners like me to keep going!  Angela, Bunbury, Beginners’ classes

These classes were delivered with assurance & professionalism. Quite a different way of learning compared to my Primary school “learn by heart” classes. I understand more on how the language is constructed.  Anne, Bunbury, Beginners’ classes

Thank you, Martine. I have very much enjoyed the first term and look forward to continuing. I have had fun and your learning tools have been great.  Joy, Bunbury, Beginners’ classes